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Phard is the fashion brand that understands the importance of clothing to a woman. Personality and lifestyle are represented by clothing, so Phard knows that fashion gives women an own identity. Phard's mission is to design clothes which are related to the latest trends and are held together by creativitiy and new ideas. Phard describes it's goal to be the indicator which transform the life of a women into a life full of glow and joy. Phard targets women who like a world full of fun and joy, and for whom everything has to be a bit special and funky. These special effects can be seen in the garments of Phard. Phard clothes makes you feel unique and special!

Detailed garments in the Phard collection

The aspiration to make special and unique clothing can     be found in the very detailed garments. The customised jeans are a true must-have in every womens wardrobe and the elegant Phard tops are real eye-catchers. These tops are suitable to wear to work as well as a night out. Phard succeeds in developing these unique items because they have a team of dedicated designers and fashion experts who know what is trendy. The materials, details and skilled processing are perfectly matched together. This results in contemporary clothing which is suitable for regular days as well as chique occasions.

Order your Phard fashion and clothing online

Do you want clothing to represent your trendy lifestyle? Phard clothing is the perfect choice! When you're wearing Phard garments you will never experience a moment of dullness in your life, because Phard garments are very trendy and refreshing. An outfit will represent your identity and also your way of living, so these clothes never look dull on you. The finest materials and exciting prints, striking details and great finishing touches ensure clothing which are perfect for the strong and trendy woman of this moment. A perfect balance between toughness and elegance, which makes you unique! Purchase your Phard clothing in the online UniQ fashion shop.

Phard online fashion shop

Distinguish yourself with the creative designs of fashion label Phard. Phard designs clothing according to the latest fashion trends, especially for women who don't like dullness. Phard clothing makes you feel unique. Phard knows how you can dress elegant and tough at the same time and the garments are extremely versatile. You can use these garments for every day, but you can also wear Phard clothing to more formal events. Are you curious for the latest Phard collection? Check it out on UniQ!

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