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Pepe jeans is currently a well-known player on the fashion market. The establishment of the brand is very remarkable. It is founded by the brothers Nitin, Arun and Milan Shah. The three brothers started selling their own customised jeans during the weekend in a rented stall on Portobello Road in London. In 1975 the number of stalls already expanded till four because of the good quality and the perfect fit of the jeans. When the brothers opened their first store in London, they chose the name Pepe because it's easy to pronounce all over the world. Not much later the brand started growing and expanding into the world wide renowned label it is today. Nowadays, the name 'Pepe' is known throughout the whole world and the label is one of the largest jeans brands, next to all the famous American jeans brands.

Pepe Jeans: a world fashion brand

Around 1980, the dream of the brothers Shah came true: Pepe Jeans could compete undoubtedly with all large jeans brands in the world. We can conclude that Pepe Jeans is the most successful national brand the United Kingdom ever had. The brand is sold in more than 80 countries and the market share is about 25%. They reached this high market share because of some impressive commercials. Super model Kate Moss was the face of Pepe Jeans and popular songs were used as background music in the commercials of the jeans label.

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Even though Pepe Jeans expanded quickly in a few years and has known a lot of developments, the basic principles remained the same throughout the years: high quality and a perfect fit for young, confident, urban and trendy people. Besides perfect fitting jeans, Pepe Jeans has other good quality garments as t-shirts, tops, coats and many others in its collection. Are you curious for the collection of top label pepe Jeans? Take a look at our Pepe Jeans assortment in the UniQ Fashion shop.

Pepe Jeans online shop

Pepe Jeans is a renowned brand when it comes to jeans. Nowadays it's not only jeans which are popular, but also the other garments are very desired. By ensuring an always perfect fit combined with trendy designs, this label is very popular amoung young people. Price and quality make sure that Pepe Jeans is always the best choice. Look at the Pepe Jeans offer order online at UniQ

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