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    Merken bij UniQ kleding

    UniQ Fashion, the online fashion retailer, which offers an enormous collection of branded clothing. The collection has carefully been selected by our staff. The brands are very well known amoung fashionable ladies and gents, and the clothing is of high quality. For the ladies, our range of products consistst of clothing from Guess, Dept, Phard, Amy Gee, Miss Sixty, MET and Pepe Jeans. For the gentlemen we can offer you a big collection from Antony Morato, Zumo, Pepe Jeans, JC Rags and Guess. For a complete list of brands which can be bought at UniQ Fashion and some extra information about the brands, please read below.  

    Amy Gee

    Amy Gee is a stylish and creative clothing brand for women who care for quality. The latest trends are being incorporated in fashionable Amy Gee collections. Women who choose Amy Gee clothing choose quality, luxury and beauty.  

    Antony Morato

    UniQ Fashion proudly presents itself as an Antony Morato shop. This young and fresh clothing brand combines modern style with unique and Italian refinement. This fairly new brand had already earnt itsself a solid place in the men fashion market. Antony Morato is the perfect completion for our webshop. Discover the beauty and quality of Antony Morato at Uniq Fashion, and be surprised by the diversity in shapes, styles and colors the brand has to offer.  

    J.C. Rags

    J.C. Rags is a distinguished Dutch brand which is fairly new on the market. The clothing is designed from an esthetic point of view. It is especially designed for fashion-concious men who care about their appearance. This is one of the reasons why UniQ Fashion has chosen to sell J.C. Rags in its webshop. When you decide to buy J.C. Rags clothing, we can assure you that you won't be disappointed.  


    Phard is an Italian brand which describes itsself as trendy and young. We can only confirm this. The clothing brand has been established in 1986. UniQ Fashion offers the complete and unique collection of this fabulous brand. Amongst other things, the collection consists of perfectly fitting jeans, beautiful tops and refined jackets. Create your own personal look with these fantastic Phard items.  

    Pepe Jeans

    Are you looking for a beautiful and complete collection of Pepe Jeans? Look no further, because UniQ Fashion has an amazing collection of Pepe Jeans clothing, for example stylish shirts, pretty pants, elegant dresses, fashionable jackets and amazing sweaters. The latest trends have been transformed into sublime Pepe Jeans collection.  

    Lost in Paradise

    The German brand Lost In Paradise is a young and ambitious clothing brand. It creates well fitting clothing for fashionable women. The latest fashion trends have been incorporated in a nice and feminine collection for stylish women. It is very affordable, but it still made of high quality materials. You will feel feminine and beautiful in Lost in Paradise.  


    Dept is a brand which cannot be absent in the wardrobe of a stylish woman. The brand is well known for its fashionable womens clothing. The collection of Dept is available at UniQ Fashion. Are you looking for a business look, a casual look or are you more of a sporty kind of type? Dept has all kinds of clothing for all different types of women. UniQ Fashion is the online Dept store with an amazing collection of this trendy brand.  


    Innovatice, uniq(ue) and stylish. These are three words which describe Zumo at its best. The collection has been put together with a lot of care and an eye for detail. Zumo aims at fashion minded men who want to look their best in high quality clothing. Besided clothing, the brand also offers a wide range of accessoires which match the outfits perfectly. UniQ Fashion is an excellent Zumo shop!  

    Miss Sixty

    Miss Sixty is a brand which launched its first collection around 1991. It is found in Italy and that's very clearly visible. Because of Italian refinement and style, the brand stands out in a good way. The details are beautiful and glamourous. Besides perfectly fitting jeans, Miss Sixty also offers other trendy items like for example blouses, shirts, tops and glamourous dresses.  


    Energie is a very well know brand for sporty men. It is known as the 'little brother' of Miss Sixty. The lable was created as an anwer to the need for a sporty and affordable brand for stylish men. It is a new and original brand which is 'different'. With Energie you will always be able to dress casually, yet stylish.  

    Met Jeans

    The one and only jeans brand which is known all over the world, is Met Jeans. It provides jeans which fit perfectly on every figure. Met Jeans is specialised in Jeans, so you will find a wide range of different jeans on UniQ Besides jeans, the brand also offers other products, like for example shirts, dresses, sweaters and cardigans   


    The first collection was launched in 1981, and the first successful collection, many would follow. It has developed itsself to a worldwide popular brand with clothing for stylish men as well as stylish women. Guess offers a wide range of products with a little glamourous edge to it. Are you looking for beautiful clothing of high quality? Come and take a look at our extensive Guess collection!

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