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Guess is a modern brand which creates innovative design for fashionable men and women. It's one of the most trend-setting brands on the market which has grown a lot over the past couple of years. Especially the uniq jeans have contributed a lot on the massive growth of the brand. In addition to that, the shirts, tops, blouses, sweaters, vests and accessories like watches, bags and shoes are exceptionally popular amoung fashion concious folks. Guess is known for the very feminine and very masculine designs, very trendy yet wearable. Be unique with Guess clothing from the UniQ Fashion store! Take a look at our current assortment.

Fashion from the online Guess clothing collection

The Marciano brothers founded the apparel company Guess in 1981. After the company established itsself in the market through a successfull jeans campaign, it launched a few black&white campaigns with world famous super models. The brand gained a lot of media attention with this campaign, which resulted in the successfull and leading fashion brand as we know Guess today.
Of course things have changed at Guess since its founding in 1981. Around the year 2000, the brand decides to take a different road: the Guess clothing and its campaigns become a lot sexier. It is a huge success, so the brand keeps focusing on powerful, trendy and strong women and men. Besides clothing Guess now also has a wide range of accessories like shoes, perfumes and other accessories.

Buy Guess clothing online at UniQ Fashion

Guess has become a very popular and high quality brand throughout the years and it still continues to grow. Guess guarantees high quality mens- and womens clothing according to the latest fashion trends. UniQ is an official Guess dealer, so we have a wide variety of Guess clothing in our Guess online shop. UniQ is the ultimate fashion shop where you can find the latest Guess fashion collections at affordable prices. Look around in the webshop for the complete selection of Guess clothing and order your favorite Guess items online!

Guess fashion Shop online

One of the most trend-setting brands out there is Guess, a fashionable brand which aims at men as well as women. Guess is known for the trendy and contemporary designs which result in a unique outfit. Are you curious for the amazing collection of Guess clothing online? Check out the current assortment at UniQ Fashion!

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